We and The Community

Rostik Group is active in charity programs and social initiatives.

Maria’s Children

Rostik Group has supported Maria’s Children Art and Rehabilitation Center for several years.

Rostik Group employees take part in fund-raising events to help meet the needs of the Center, and charity auctions and exhibitions of the students’ artwork are held at corporate restaurants. In February 2003, the Corporation also supported an auction in favor of Sergiyev-Posad Orphanage for blind and deaf children.

Restaurant employees also have participated in the annual charity programs run by the famous American clown, Patch Adams. In 2006, a charity auction of children’s items managed to raise a substantial sum of money to be spent on the construction of a children’s art-club, to be called «Pelican,» that will allow children in orphanages and other institutions to learn to paint, dance, sing, and play musical instruments. Rostik Group works to help children in these unfortunate situations to feel that somebody loves and needs them, and to find ways to help them adapt to the adult lives waiting for them beyond the walls of the shelters where they currently find themselves.

Russian Young Pathfinders Scout Organization (RYPSO)

Rostislav Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Blanco chairs the Board of Trustees of the Russian Scout Charity Fund.

The Fund’s priority task is to raise funds for the Russian Young Pathfinders Scout Organization, the oldest scout organization in Russia. For over 10 years, Rostik Group has been supporting the RYPSO Communication Center.

The scout movement aims at teaching Christianity and patriotism to children and youths. RYPSO scouts/pathfinders study history, geography, culture, and folk art, and are actively involved in hiking and mastering survival skills. The crucial point about RYPSO is that it strives to mould pro-active, socially-aware people who assist all those in need.

To learn more visit www.ScoutS.ru and www.ScoutMaster.ru

In May 2004, the Russian Scout Charity Fund was established, with Rostislav Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Blanco chairing the Trustee Board. The Fund focuses on raising funding for scout programmes. The Russian Scout Fund’s priority is to train scout leaders and increase the number of Moscow-based RYPSO units. For details, please visit www.ScoutFund.ru