About The Corporation

Rostislav Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Blanco, a graduate of Simon Bolivar University in Caracas, the founder of Rostik International in Caracas, and a descendant of Russian and Spanish immigrants, first arrived in the USSR in 1984.

His inherent entrepreneurial instincts allowed him to see the business opportunities in his historic motherland, and his energy and creativity enabled the successful implementation of his plans. Twenty years later, the corporation he founded — Rostik Group — is recognized as a significant business achievement.

“We can be proud of the huge contribution we made to the development of a ‘dining-out’ culture in former Soviet countries. We introduced the concept of franchising to the local market. And along the way, we have created over 13,000 jobs and continue to invest in the hospitality industry.” Rostislav Ordovsky-Tanaevsky Blanco

In 1984, Rostislav encountered two specific problems in Moscow — he couldn’t buy any film for his camera and had much trouble finding a decent restaurant. Once back in Venezuela, Rostislav proposed to Kodak International an idea to develop a business in the Soviet Union. In 1987, the first Focus photo shop opened in the ex-USSR.

El Rincon Español, which opened close to Red Square in Moscow, in 1990, was the first restaurant project he launched. Its success provided confidence in the future prospects for the business. It was proved right afterwards. Founded in 1991, ROSINTER would go on to become the largest casual dining restaurant company across the former Soviet Union. In 1993, the first outlet of popular QSR chain ROSTIK’S was opened (today known as ROSTIK’S-kfc).

Along with the photo and restaurant businesses, the corporation began operating in other fields as well. In 1988, it set up Karlson Tourism, a travel agency, which was followed first by CorpEstate, a group of real estate and logistics companies, and then Plenia, a health and wellness supermarket chain. This diversification in both lines of business and market segments fueled the company’s growth through the 1990s, enabled it to survive the 1998 financial crisis, and continue to accelerate its growth and maintain its leadership position in the hospitality industry through today.

The Corporation currently includes:

  • Rosinter Restaurants Holding — full-service casual-dining chain restaurants: IL Patio, Planet Sushi, American Bar & Grill, T.G.I. Friday’s, and Costa Coffee;
  • Karlson Tourism — a travel agency;
  • CorpEstate — real estate and logistics;